Thursday, January 29, 2009

14 lbs in 27 days

Update on my weight and inches lost 14 lbs in 17 days. 3 inches around my waist down 1 pant size.....I wonder where I will be in a month on Taislim. I have been OK on my eating....not perfect. I work out everyother day for 15-30 min. WHAT I HAVE LEARNED IS THAT THE MORE WATER YOU DRINK THE FASTER YOU LOOSE. Make sure you are staying regular...keep moving.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello everyone. this Jamie and Tara Conway. We have taken our not so looking good pictures and are posting them on the blog. Of course these are pictures taken before we began our Taislim experience. We have been on it a week so far and have seen very fantastic results. We will be updating everyone on our results tomorrow after we re measure ourselves. If you want to learn more about us or check out the product and business opportunity, please visit our website at or Happy Taislimming..

Tara here...this is my before picture a week ago Saturday. I have lost quite a bit of weight in the 2008. A few months ago I hit a wall. I was doing the same thing that worked before but I was stuck. When I heard about Taislim I thought it would be great if it could push me off my very stubborn plateau. IT DID!!! Wow in less then a week I am loosing weight again. I don't know how many inches I have lost yet...I'll let you know.
Below are the dates and cities that Taislm meeting are going on in the US. Who do you know in these area???? Get the information out to your freinds....these meeting will be exciting, full of good information with real testimonies of weight and inches loss.
1/26 Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa Costa Mesa, CA with Scott McBrien
1/27 Wyndham El Paso El Paso, TX with Marc LaGoy
1/28 Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel The Woodlands, TX
1/26 Holiday Inn Oakville Centre Oakville, ON (CAN)
1/27 Melville Marriott Long Island Melville, NY
1/28 Rocky Hill Marriott Rocky Hill, CT
1/29 Eden Resort Inn & Suites Lancaster, PA
1/27 Renaissance Dallas Hotel Dallas, TX with Scott McBrien
1/29 Phoenix Airport Marriott Phoenix, AZ with Scott McBrien
& Marc LaGoy
1/27 Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington Bloomington, MN
1/28 Marriott Chicago Schaumburg Schaumburg, IL
1/29 Holiday Inn Cleveland Independence, OH
1/26 Marriott Atlanta Century Center Atlanta, GA
1/27 Hilton Raleigh Durham Durham, NC